Tips To Follow To Gain Weight on Your Dog

If your dog is underweight then it is prone to health problems. Therefore it is must to maintain your dog in a good weight. If you think that your dog is thinner or you notice he is underweight, you have to make remedies for gaining its weight. You have to check the weight of your dog frequently to ensure that the dog is in correct weight. Make sure that he is eating the right food and he gains the correct amount of pounds till he reaches the weight that he wants to be healthy.

Weight loss in dogs occurs due to several reasons like diarrhea, poor appetite and some other health problems. If you find your dog is underweight, it is better to check it with a veterinarian and seek his advice to putting weight on a dog.

Tips to gain your dog weight

Check your dog’s weight

Sometimes a dog may look thin but he actually has the ideal weight for his breed. It’s best to check your pet’s actual weight and compare it with his breed’s ideal weight. It’s also important to learn his breed’s daily dietary needs to keep him healthy.

Identify the weight loss cause

The first thing you have to do is to find out the cause for your dog’s weight loss. This will help you to find out the solution easily. Observe your dog’s eating habit and check if he is getting enough food. Also, check if your dog is suffering from any health problem like appetite or diarrhea. If he seems to be sick, it is time to take the help of a vet.

Alternate the feeding schedule

Change the feeding schedule of your pet if you want your pet gain more pounds. For example, feeding your pet before the bed time will help him to gain weight. If you feed your dog two times in a day, give him one portion of food in the day time and another portion as bigger at the night. Doing so will help the calories to store in his body while he sleeps instead of burned as energy.

Change the food

If you want to gain the results faster change the food that you feed your dog. Try to add food with good quality and rich in fat and protein content to your dog’s diet. This helps your dog gain the pounds gradually. You can also try some other nutrients along with the dog food.

Consult with a veterinarian

The better and recommended advice is to check your dog with a veterinarian. This is because the doctor will suggest you some weight gaining tips. Also, he suggests your some nutrients and medicines for weight gaining. This helps your dog gain weight quickly and seeking the doctor’s advice is safe.

Of all these things, another important thing you have to concentrate is to take care of your dog correctly. You should check your dog’s health and weight time to time. This helps you to know your dog’s health condition and help putting weight on a dog.