The benefits of spirulina for dogs and cats

What is spirulina?

Spirulina is a freshwater microalga that comes in a spiral form, hence its name. It contains up to 70% protein , twice as much as soy. But it is also very rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, such as iron, magnesium and chromium.

For all these reasons, spirulina is often considered a super food. It has been used for many years as a dietary supplement in humans. It is beginning to be used in animal feed, especially in organic food for dogs and cats, with similar success.

Why spirulina for dogs and cats?

Firstly because there is no reason for your dog or cat to benefit from the benefits of an enriched diet. Food supplements are useful for humans, they are also useful for pets. Indeed, current food, and that of animals is no exception, is often deficient. In addition, organisms are subjected to severe stress by the conditions of modern life and mainly pollution.

To help your cat or dog keep fit, spirulina is an option of choice. You will especially give spirulina-enriched foods to your pet if you want to improve its vitality. Good health and sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals is seen in a silky, shiny and provided coat, which is a barometer of the health of your dog or cat.

Because of its richness in vitamins and minerals, spirulina for dogs allow to stay healthy longer, but it also allows him to recover faster in case of stress or after an illness.

Where can you find spirulina for your dog or cat?

Cats, even more than dogs, are gourmets with a sense of smell and sensitive taste buds. Let’s bet that they will quickly find an additive, even very healthy, that you have added to their food! You will get the opposite effect to that sought, since they may sulk the food you give them.

Fortunately, organic and natural food manufacturers intended for our animal friends have found the solution. Spirulina is integrated with terrines, croquettes, biscuits or chews, or pâtés for dogs and cats. These foods, consisting of meat and fish of biological origin, contain only natural nutrients and are particularly palatable .

In a nutshell, your pet will enjoy while absorbing vitamins and minerals essential to its vigor and health. For those who are weakened and need specific supplementation, there are also spirulina- based ampoules and tonus compounds .

Because you love your dog or cat, let him enjoy the best and take care of him by choosing natural and organic foods, which will be the best allies of his health.