Foods to be Avoided for Dogs – Know All About the Dangerous Foods

Dogs are carnivores but they will eat and taste everything they find. This is their behavioral characteristic. You must not only ensure that your dog is having specific foods but also you must be sure about their access to certain dangerous foods which can be dangerous to their system.

Most of the food that we discuss will not kill your dog immediately but eventually it can be fatal. Most of the dogs try to eat food that they eye on but never encourage such behavior. You must also be sure that at all cost your dog is not sniffing the below listed foods.


Several fruits are not recommended for canines. Avocados being one of them as it contains a chemical food substance named pepsin. It is toxic in large amounts as it initiates the body to generate ketones which is harmful for dogs. Grapes and raisins are also potentially dangerous for them and can cause kidney failure. You can give them one or two but never feed them on these fruits.

Also peaches, plums and jackfruits are equally bad for their digestive tract. Additionally, your dog must not consume seeds of any fruits. It may obstruct the intestines and inflammation of it thereby leading to poising.


Anything that contains caffeine is dangerous for dogs. This includes tea, coffee and even chocolates. Since caffeine stimulates the nervous system it will cause restlessness, rapid heart beating, fast breathing of your dog.


Alcohol is a strict no to canines. It has same effect on dogs as it has on humans. However, the main issue is that the liver of a dog is different from humans and they cannot detoxify like humans. Alcohol may cause permanent damage to the liver cells of your dog, so avoid at all cost.

Dairy and gluten

Milk and milk-based products can upset the digestive tract of your dog. Gluten rich food may make your dog fatigued and lazy. Obviously, it is very tempting to share chocolates, ice creams and cream with them but avoid it for their own benefit. Also avoid sugar at all cost, do not make them dependent on sweet food from the beginning.

Macadamia nuts

It has the highest concentration of caffeine and has a chocolatey flavor and hence them harmful to your pet. These nuts are even fatal in small amounts and include muscle tremors, paralysis, nerve failure in any breed of dogs. It doesn’t include only the nuts as whole but every food derived from it or even as an ingredient. If you are having them, lock it away in someplace safe and out of their reach.

How to select food for your pet dog?

It is very easy to select food for your dog and be tension free. There are numerous pet foods available in the market that covers the entire nutrition range of any breed of dogs. It is scientifically proven that on consuming these foods your dog will remain active and have a longer life span. You can order it online from it is the most used brand for pet food and is one of the largest supplying chains for pet needs.